Number of unemployed in New Zealand

How is the figure of 5.6%, or 137000 unemployed arrived at? Why is this figure almost three times the number of people on the unemployment benefit?

The answer is that the department of statistics has a number of households that they regularly monitor. Once a quarter they contact these households and ask if there is anyone living there that is looking for work. Not necessarily the main income earner, or even someone looking for full time work. But it may include a person who is currently working on a casual basis and may want another full time job.

This may explain why we are currently facing a candidate shortage in todays employment market, when there is meant to be an abundance of people to chose from.Check out who we are looking for    


Stainless Steel Welder Required

We are currently seeking a Stainless Steel welder for our client, based in Hamilton. Our client is a small locally owned and operated business, who require their staff to be versatile and capable.

Although the large majority of the work in this role will be stainless, you may also be required to complete mild steel and site work from time to time. You will have a good communication skills as well as a good stainless steel pipe experience, demonstrated through your work history and references. click here to see detail